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Innovation Funding

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Nova Scotia Health provides two main funding sources to innovators: the Innovation Catalyst Fund and the Patent Fund.

Innovation Catalyst Fund

Developing the next big idea in clinical care starts with smart investment in locally-driven projects. Established in March 2021, the Innovation Catalyst Fund provides financial support to Nova Scotia Health’s most talented clinical researchers whose ideas have the potential to transform into globally applicable solutions that improve the lives of patients. Four recipients have been awarded $100,000 each, along with several others who received funding amounts of $5K and $10K to support their projects (totaling $50,000).

Patent Fund

The new Patent Fund has been recently established to financial support and protect the intellectual property owned by Nova Scotia Health. The Innovation team has extensive expertise in working with external patent counsel to obtain robust patent protection on commercially-relevant intellectual property. The Innovation team will also lead business development activities to partner this intellectual property with an already established company or create a local spin-off company.