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We constantly test and try to rapidly deliver high impact solutions for patients and providers. 

Partnering with the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub

Delivering best-in-class care for Nova Scotians requires having access to the latest advancements in research and innovation. By collaborating with companies and start-ups of all sizes, the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub can identify, accelerate, and collaborate on exactly these kinds of innovations. 

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Innovation Launchpad

The Innovation Launchpad works with clinical teams to determine their needs, complete market scans, and conduct due diligence to best align technologies with clinical opportunities. Through this process, Nova Scotia Health is able to invest in well-vetted health care solutions, companies gain valuable clinical feedback, and clinicians get to test and try a product without a long-term commitment.  

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Innovation Funding

Nova Scotia Health provides two main funding sources to Nova Scotia Health innovators. The Innovation Catalyst Fund provides financial support to the earliest of ideas emerging from Nova Scotia’s most talented clinical researchers, and the Patent Fund financially supports and protects intellectual property owned by Nova Scotia Health. 

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Technology Commercialization

We can achieve better delivery of health care by efficiently moving technologies from the lab to the marketplace. The Business Development team supports the commercialization of innovations developed within Nova Scotia Health through the engagement of partners, contract negotiation, patents, and by initiating connections with commercialization networks. 

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Business Development

The Business Development team is the front door to the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub. Our team is dedicated to reducing barriers and creating opportunities for homegrown innovators by providing them with the appropriate resources to support their solutions from ideation to validation to implementation. By supporting innovators at every step of their journey, the Health Innovation Hub provides the supports needed to encourage breakthroughs in patient care.  

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Intellectual Property (IP)

Protecting ideas using the legal tools available imparts value on an idea that makes it worth turning into a product. As part of a concerted effort to increase our expertise in commercialization, the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub has launched a refreshed IP policy. 

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Clinical Implementations

By enabling clinical implementations, we’re bringing best-in-class health technologies to Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub is exploring new opportunities, developing relationships, and making the necessary connections to clinical champions for products and services that are needed in the health system.

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Innovators in Residence Program

Our innovators in residence are internationally recognized leaders who champion the implementation of new technologies, services, and solutions, adding clinical insight, process recommendations, and policy change proposals that make our projects better. 

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Healthcare Foundations

The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub champions Nova Scotia Health’s partnership with the 41 healthcare foundations who generously support the organization and its many facilities and programs.

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