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Technology Commercialization

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We can achieve better delivery of health care by efficiently moving technologies from the lab to the marketplace. The Business Development team supports the commercialization of innovations developed within Nova Scotia Health through the engagement of partners, contract negotiation, patents, and by initiating connections with commercialization networks. The commercialization of new ideas is the fastest way to get the best treatments for the largest number of patients.  

From idea to market

To achieve an effective commercialization process, the Nova Scotia Innovation Hub offers the resources and funding necessary to bring an idea to market. Our supports include:

  • Funding opportunities like our Innovation Catalyst Fund and our Patent & Legal Fund.  

Internal expertise to support technology evaluation, market scans, patent searches and business plan development. Our team can help you move your idea forward.  

  • A refereshed intellectual property policy which enables every person at Nova Scotia Health to become an IP creator. 
  • A library of resources about intellectual property and how to protect ideas.