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Meet Adele Ambrose - J.D. Student with the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub

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A face-on picture of Adele Ambrose

Adele Ambrose is originally from Toronto and made Halifax her home during the pandemic while attending law school. Prior to law school, she spent time in financial services and found herself increasingly attracted to issues around privacy and legal tech.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Through my law school journey, I’ve learned that there are many ways to positively impact society through strategic advocacy. Enhancing the health of Nova Scotians through medical innovation is just one way.

Who or what inspires you? Why do you love what you do?
I’m inspired by strong and kind men and women, especially those who are caregivers. Also, watching the many sacrifices of teachers, healthcare providers and social workers in my life has charted my course.

On the question of what I love to do, helping others has always been a part of my personal mission. It was an easy decision to be in this space where I can give back in a small way to Canadians and Nova Scotians in particular.

What attracted you to apply to Nova Scotia Health innovation hub?
The Innovation Hub sits at the intersection of technology and healthcare, which touches on my interests in technology, privacy and legal strategy. I'm attracted to mission-driven collaborative teams, and the hub has an impressive leadership team delivering impactful solutions. The team is furthering Nova Scotia Health’s ability to provide world-class health care to the Atlantic region and beyond.

Here, I’m given the opportunity to learn about the influence of law and technology on healthcare.  Navigating the legal and business challenges of NSH clinicians and strategic partners was certainly a draw.

What have you learned in your first month working with our Innovation team?The innovation hub team values collaboration and there have been a number of opportunities to meet teammates across Nova Scotia Health. I've had the opportunity to attend strategy focused meetings, gaining insight on business, legal and medical implications of new technologies. Liaising with strategic stakeholders and learning about commercialization in the healthcare space has been illuminating.  There are dedicated teams working together to improve outcomes for Nova Scotia Health and ultimately the Atlantic community, collegiality always wins!

What do you hope to achieve during your time with Nova Scotia Health?
I plan on learning as much as possible about the various teams at Nova Scotia Health and the needs of our patients.   Working on a variety of strategic, medical-legal projects which will have a meaningful impact on Nova Scotia Health clinicians and patients and the wider Atlantic community is my primary goal.

What do you think the future of innovation at Nova Scotia Health looks like?
I envision the innovation hub as best in class in research, patient care and healthcare-tech. Every opportunity to provide efficient, innovative care to patients has real-world impact, the future of Nova Scotia Health is bright!