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Many different forms of contracted research take place at Nova Scotia Health (NSH).  The Research Innovation and Discovery (RID) Contracts Team navigates and facilitates all contracts and budgets related to research for which a Nova Scotia Health affiliated researcher is invited by a company, external site, colleague, partner, or collaborator to participate in a research study; or a Nova Scotia Health affiliated investigator has developed a protocol and is interested in inviting external sites, funders, partners, or companies to participate or collaborate, different contractual considerations apply. For clarification, the term CONTRACT is defined as any document that requires review, negotiation, and sign off by Nova Scotia Health (amendments, clinical trial or study agreements, material transfer, data transfer, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, collaborative research agreements, master agreements, statements of work, budgets, investigator agreements, etc.). This definition is used regardless of the funding source (Industry, grant, etc.).

The RID Contracts Team offers support and guidance with the creation, review, negotiation, signing, and tracking of all research and innovation related contracts and corresponding budgets at Nova Scotia Health. The Contracts Team is also responsible for providing education and guidance to the Nova Scotia Health Research Community on contract related research budgets, research contracts, administration policies, contractual risk assessment, research insurance requirements and coverage, contract templates and resources, contract review, and signature processes.

A working copy of the draft contract document and budget are emailed to the Contracts Team at The assigned Contracts Team member contacts the Research Team and Sponsor/CRO/Lead Site for background information (i.e., timeline, budget, priority level) regarding the study. A timeline for review is established between the Sponsor/CRO/External Party and the Contracts Team. The contract is read once in its entirety, and then revised for editing.