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We’re bringing together partners from all facets of health care to solve critical health challenges for the benefit of all Nova Scotians. Through strategic partnerships with clinical champions, industry, healthcare foundations, governments and academic partners, we’re transforming healthcare through the best available evidence and innovative solutions.

We are well positioned to lead partnerships on health-related innovation initiatives. Our province is the perfect size to test and try innovative ways of delivering care using new technologies and treatments. We are large enough to have the resources and infrastructure in place, yet small enough to be nimble and adaptable to implement new and innovative ways of doing things – for the benefit of patients and their families. 

The Health Innovation Hub serves as a single point of entry, enabling innovators, clinical teams, researchers, patients, students, partners, and investors to collaborate on innovative healthcare solutions for Nova Scotians—solutions that have impact regionally, nationally, and beyond, and contribute directly to our local economy.

Nova Scotia is poised to become a global leader in health innovation and a catalyst for change across the province. By providing the infrastructure and creating winning conditions for homegrown innovators to engage with our system, we are accelerating the growth and economic development of the region.

Over the last year, we have brought together some of the brightest minds to tackle some of our biggest healthcare challenges, and to work with partners locally, nationally and internationally, on innovative solutions. We encourage you to learn more about the projects we’re working on, and how you can partner with the Health Innovation Hub.