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Scientific Affiliate Appointments

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There are close to 100 affiliate scientists working with various teams across the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub. Their research spans a number of areas in the health system, including social work, nursing, diagnostic imaging, oncology, kinesiology, and biomedical engineering. The contributions that affiliate scientists make to our health system enables Nova Scotia Health to attract and retain students and future health researchers as well as other leading scientists from across the globe.

Qualifying for an affiliate appointment

Scientific affiliate appointments are available to individuals with an academic appointment at a Nova Scotia university that has an affiliation agreement with Nova Scotia Health. They are available in the categories of research, scholarship, and collaborative initiatives. All requests for affiliated appointments are vetted through the Scientific Affiliate Appointments committee at Nova Scotia Health.

New application submissions

To apply for an affiliate scientist appointment, you must provide us with:

  • A letter of interest including the objectives of the appointment and current CV 
  • A letter of support or a signed Support Declaration Form from the Dean of the respective faculty 
  • A letter of support from the respective Nova Scotia Health Departmental Director and Physician Co-lead as appropriate 
  • Pre-placement Screening (Refer to applicable DHA policies regarding immunization); 
  • Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sectors Search (Refer to applicable NSHA policies regarding Criminal Records Checks) 
  • Child Abuse Registry Check (If you're working with individuals under 19)
  • Confirmation of Liability Coverage
  • Proof of Credentialing/Licensure (Refer to applicable NSHA policies regarding Proof of Credentialing/Licensure)
  • A completed application form 
  • A signed Nova Scotia Health Pledge of Confidentiality

Reappointment Application
Three months prior to your appointment expiry date, you must submit a re-appointment application. Your reappointment request submission must include:

  • A letter that summarizes the accomplishments of your current appointment and the objectives of a continued appointment 
  • A letter of support from the Nova Scotia Health Departmental Director/ Physician Co-Lead (the person you work most closely with as part of your research program) 
  • A current CV
  • Confirmation of liability coverage (if applicable)
  • Current proof of credentiality/licensure (if applicable)
  • Signed NSH Pledge of Confidentiality