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Grants and Funding Opportunities

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Grants and funding are often required to cover the costs associated with research studies being conducted at Nova Scotia Health. These funds can come from an internal or departmental funding competition, provincial, federal, or foreign funding agency, an industry funder, or foundation. 

Industry sponsored research 

Collaboration is at the very heart of the work we are doing to facilitate excellence in research and innovation. Our partnerships with industry are part of our vision of improving healthcare for Nova Scotians across the province. The strength of these partnerships will help us discover new and innovative ways to advance healthcare. Learn more

Innovation funding

The Innovation Catalyst Fund provides financial support to the earliest of ideas emerging from Nova Scotia’s most talented researchers and innovators who have the potential to transform into globally applicable solutions that improve the lives of patients.

Institutional awards and funding

If you’re a Nova Scotia Health researcher involved in a large-scale institutional grant or award (such as Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, or Genome Canada), you can get support from the Project Manager of Institutional Awards. Learn more

Investing in research 

We are facilitating partnerships to solve the big health questions in Nova Scotia. This includes establishing relationships with companies to be able to bring new clinical trials to the province and increase the volume of trials that occur in the province. 

Nova Scotia Health Research Fund

Nova Scotia Health’s Research Fund is an internal funding program that builds the capacity of Nova Scotia Health researchers and help catalyze new research opportunities. Learn more.

QEII Foundation Translating Research into Care (TRIC) Healthcare Improvement Research Program

QEII Foundation Translating Research into Care (TRIC) Grants help break barriers to change by providing the resources needed to turn science and theory-based ideas into improved practice and clinical innovation. The focus is on better patient outcomes, reduced wait times and improved access to care. Learn more.