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Meet Ruobing Zhi, Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI) Student with the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub

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A picture of Ruobing Zhi

The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub is proud to welcome students from the Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI) program at St. Mary’s University to our team. Learn more about Ruobing Zhi, who believes the projects we are developing today have the transformational potential of improving access to care and healthcare quality.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am from China and came to Halifax to do the Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI) program at St. Mary’s University. Prior to that, I completed my master’s degree in Finance and Investment at the University of Edinburgh and have about six years of experience working in the finance and advisory industry, where I delivered strategy and digital transformation solutions for large institutions and startups.

I have a passion for nature and outdoor sports and am eager to explore the hidden gems that Nova Scotia has to offer!

Who or what inspires you? Why do you love what you do?

My Director, Margaret Palmeter, always involves us in important projects and considers our expertise and passion. She creates a comfortable environment where everyone communicates transparently and honestly.

My manager, Eric Fisher, is a combination of scientist and businessman, and is an open-minded mentor with strong empathy. I learn from him every day, and I truly want to be a person like him – always humble and humorous, adding significant value to the team and helping all team members grow.

I love working diligently and efficiently on something that will have long-term value and impact. Innovation always requires us to think outside the box, and we believe in everyone’s value and in shared victories.

What attracted you to apply to the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub?

I was searching for project opportunities that could drive strategic implications and could not find have made a better choice than the business development coordinator role for this new and innovative team.

If you speak with team members of the Innovation Hub, you can tell innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurial spirit is coded in their genes. They have exciting experiences and diverse backgrounds, supporting and collaborating to achieve common goals.

What have you learned since working with the innovation team?

Every day is a new adventure! I have been involved in various projects, such as proposal preparation, due diligence on new technologies, data analysis, regulatory research, and ecosystem mapping.

I also have the opportunity to talk with clinical champions, innovators, and entrepreneurs, collaborating with them to introduce new solutions to the health system effectively and efficiently. Talking with industry experts and getting to know state-of-the-art technologies in an invaluable learning opportunity for me!

The exciting part of working in the Hub is enjoying the culture of being agile and flexible. The team culture is extremely open and radically transparent, and all the team members are constantly getting in sync, making the hub a perfect platform for those looking for a place where they could create social impact while immersing themselves in the startup culture.

How has this changed or reinforced what you want to do after you graduate?

This experience has enhanced my career mission which is to leverage my advisory expertise to help businesses and entrepreneurs realize their maximum potential. I am thriving when I am building relationships and business strategies to maximize opportunity. I’ve met many innovators in Canada with great ideas and prototypes. What they are lacking are the resources that can help them launch their products and penetrate their target markets. I want to be that person who helps them take their plans from concept to reality.

What do you think the future of innovation at Nova Scotia Health looks like?

The Innovation Hub would facilitate and lead rapid transformation in the healthcare sector across the province, influencing healthcare innovation nationally and improving patient outcomes globally. Ultimately, it would be a world-known hotspot for stakeholders seeking technology implementation, co-invent, clinical trial opportunities, and clinical research collaboration.