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Duana d'Entremont, NPAC award winner!

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Duana d'Entremont holds her award

Congratulations to Duana d’Entremont, who was recently recognized by the Nurse Practitioner Association of Canada with a Provincial/Territorial Award of Excellence.  

Over the course of her career, Duana has worked in several areas (mostly the ED), completed her post RN BScN in 1997, and graduated as an NP in 2011. She also taught in the master’s program in Athabasca, and practiced in primary care in Labrador, and worked to develop the NP role in PEI before returning to practice in communities in Nova Scotia.

Duana believes that our healthcare workforce thrives on expertise, partnership, and delivering care in traditional and new ways, and that the role of NP fits extremely well. They blend the art and science of nursing with education and expertise in advanced practice, through which they meet the holistic health care needs in a variety of settings. 

Duana’s dedication and commitment to the Nurse Practitioner profession has raised the visibility of NP role in Nova Scotia and beyond, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her as part of Nova Scotia Health and the Interprofessional Practice and Learning team.