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Partnering with the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub

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Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub. Every day we build relationships and develop opportunities to drive patient impact through innovation. It’s why we provide a supportive and agile space for industry, researchers, multidisciplinary clinical teams, students, partners and investors to come together. Thanks to collective voices and a diversity of minds, we’re better able to develop, discover, and commercialize new knowledge, technology, products, systems, and solutions. That is, we’re better able to address the biggest health challenges facing Nova Scotians. 

To partner with us, whether you’re an industry, research, or student partner, please select the appropriate path below.


The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub partners with many Nova Scotian businesses to develop, test, and launch new products and technologies. If you have an idea for health innovation, we want to hear about it. 

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In any given year at the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub, about 295 researchers are engaged in more than 1,200 research projects. This translates into about $28 million in annual research revenues and provide support to more than 380 dedicated research personnel.

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The Research Education Program facilitates Dalhousie University’s Research In Medicine (RIM) student placements to ensure requirements are met, including an existing affiliation agreement between Nova Scotia Health, the academic institution, and agreement from a supervisor. If you’re a student with an idea, we want to hear from you.

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The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub is a resource for clinicians and staff. We work with health teams to identify technology-based solutions and help validate homegrown solutions. If you have a challenge that could benefit from an innovative lens, we’re here to help. 

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Nova Scotia Health is one of the only provincial health care systems in Canada that offers a robust team of clinicians and researchers complete with one centralized system to access the entire population. From clinical trials to health system innovations, we offer diverse patient populations and a wide breadth of clinicians looking to advance the standard of care. 

With proven coordinated leadership across government, world-class research capacity and streamlined health system access Atlantic Canada is ready to work with you. 

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