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Dr. Amanda Caissie named Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub’s newest Innovator in Residence

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Dr. Amanda Caissie

By Laura Todesco

The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub has named Dr. Amanda Caissie as an Innovator in Residence.  Dr. Caissie is a global leader in digital oncology focused on patient impact that is driving change for Nova Scotians.    

“We need leaders who have great expertise but are also willing to transform the healthcare system by improving access to care and patient experience," says Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Vice-President of Research, Innovation and Discovery and Chief Nurse Executive at Nova Scotia Health. "Dr. Caissie has done an exceptional job throughout her career, is internationally recognized in her areas of expertise, and has also driven partnership opportunities to improve patients’ experience.”

Through her roles at Nova Scotia Health as an Innovator in Residence and Medical Director of the Cancer Care Program’s Oncology Transformation Project (OTP), she aims to align clinical and research priorities for digital health solutions, advancing research and innovation across the continuum of cancer care and beyond.

“My aim is to improve patient experience, engagement and outcomes for Nova Scotians affected by cancer,” says Dr. Caissie. “This role will provide me the opportunity to leverage my academic expertise while supporting and expanding our collaborative research teams aiming to transform cancer care through use of innovative digital health solutions.”

Dr. Caissie has a deep passion for working with patients, experts and partners. A key challenge as part of the Innovator in Residence program is to build a community of practice where researchers, innovators and frontline healthcare professionals develop a critical awareness of patients' needs.

“In our first phases of work under the OTP, I have been astounded by the academic expertise and interest of the multi-disciplinary colleagues I have been working alongside for so long in Nova Scotia’s Cancer Care Program (CCP),” says Dr. Caissie. “I foresee infinite rewards if we are able to align these individuals and teams under a collaborative framework with a unified strategy and the accompanying support required to be successful.”

As an experienced innovator and leader, Dr. Caissie is the liaison between the various stakeholders within and outside the CCP. She leads the discovery and implementation of new technologies, services and solutions from local, national and international markets. She brings clinical insights, process recommendations and policy change proposals with an unwavering commitment to making projects better.

“Through the OTP, a unique collaboration between Nova Scotia Health, government and industry partner Varian, I have seen a level of action and commitment to healthcare transformation that I could not have previously imagined,” says Dr. Caissie.

Dr. Caissie has worked tirelessly to improve access to health care so that cancer patients and their families have a better experience. She has been an essential member of our efforts to build a better and equitable healthcare system.

“I am honoured. Within Nova Scotia Health, I have felt a level of support and optimism that feels somewhat surreal given the context of our healthcare system today. I have had a longstanding vision of health equity and access for the patients of our province, enabled by data standards and electronic infrastructure.” 

Dr. Amanda Caissie joins Dr. Karen Cross and Dr. Michael Dunbar, who were named Innovators in Residence in 2022.

Innovators in Residence provide innovation thought leadership with clinical teams, administration and executive leadership and champion clinical implementations of new technologies, services and solutions within the health system, adding their expertise and insight and making recommendations. They represent Nova Scotia Health at events nationally and globally to help develop new business and funding opportunities and lend their knowledge and expertise to identify commercialization opportunities, stemming from ongoing research and evaluation of innovation initiatives.

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