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Network of Scholars

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Nova Scotia Health’s always-expanding Network of Scholars enhances embedded research, innovation, and implementation science initiatives within the organization. Within this network, scientists and clinical champions from across the province come together to identify patient, community, and system priorities. The scholars support rapid reviews to understand best practice evidence in published literature and in local evidence on key health priorities for Nova Scotians. They’re also responsible for transforming the results of their scientific research into health care practice. This implementation of science is where we truly close the gap between scientific research and delivery of health care in our communities.

An interdisciplinary approach

This Network of Scholars has more than 100 members with a range of backgrounds and disciplines including nursing, occupational therapy, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, computer science, business and health administration, community health, and epidemiology, along with Health System Impact Fellows, students and learners, patients, families, and community members. This network is further enhanced by about 100 affiliate scientists, who are researchers with cross-appointments at local universities. The Network of Scholars also provides mentorship to early career researchers who bring their diverse experiences to health system initiatives.

Key Publications: McMaster