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Healthcare Foundations

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The work we do at the Nova Scotia Innovation Hub wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of donors. Our Vice President of Research, Innovation, and Discovery is designated as the executive liaison to further Nova Scotia Health’s strategic relationship with our health care foundations. Our role within these relationships is to identify, develop, and lead strategic implementations of transformational technology-based partnerships that are aligned across donor, foundation, Nova Scotia Health, and Provincial strategic priorities. 

$15 million in commitments

We have co-led the development of five projects being approved by the QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation Board of Directors, totaling over $15 million in fundraising commitments. Priority areas include robotic surgery, genetic sequencing, advanced diagnostic imaging for oncology, and radiation therapy technologies.

Being held accountable

More than ever, foundations report that donors are asking about the impact of their gift on innovation. We’re proud to report to donors that their generosity is directly leading to new research and development, new industry partnerships, commercialization, startup formation, private investment, and job creation—resulting in a positive patient impact both in Nova Scotia and globally.

To learn more about some of our health care foundation partners, visit Stryker Mako Robot for Orthopedic Surgery, and Medtronic’s MAZOR™ X Stealth Edition for Spinal Surgery.