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Implementation Science

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Our Implementation Science team works with providers, clinical teams, patient partners, and embedded scientists to support decision-making in the health system by leading rapid reviews,  knowledge translation and evaluation activities. We inform the development of policies and practices based on published literature and local evidence; support the implementation of policies, recommendations, and standards in an evidence-informed and sustainable way; and conduct rapid cycle evaluation of implemented strategies and recommendations within the organization.

Rapid Reviews

Rapid reviews synthesize information in a short period of time to support planning and decision-making. Our Implementation Science team has created a blueprint for conducting rapid-cycle research reviews to inform best practice evidence, policy direction, and practice improvements to improve the health and wellbeing of Nova Scotians. Learn more

Rapid Evaluation

We support the rapid evaluation of key implementations in the province to inform key learnings, policy, and practice improvements. The rapid evaluation approaches used are usually comprehensive and collaboratively-conducted with key partners in Nova Scotia Health and the province.

Network of Scholars

Nova Scotia Health has a Network of Scholars that enhances embedded research, innovation, and implementation science initiatives and activities within the organization. They’re responsible for transforming the results of their scientific research into health care practice. 

Creating a Strategy for a Learning Health System 

Achieving a learning health system means there’s a culture of learning and continuous quality improvement that supports the use of evidence to improve policy and practice throughout the health care system. We are currently developing a strategy to implement, test, and evaluate learning health system practices and programs in multiple settings within the organization. Learn more.